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Are you ready to Increase Revenue, Grow your Practice, and Save Time?

Adjusting your patients is hard work.

Managing your office is hard work.

And many of you come home to a family…

And while all of this is fulfilling, it’s all hard work.

The last thing you need is to spend hours and hours of your FREE TIME trying to figure out why the insurance companies denied your claims – AGAIN!?

That’s why we’ve made it our business to handle all the hassles involved with insurance billing for chiropractors.

So if you are…

tired of endless insurance denials

fed-up fighting a losing battle

frustrated because what used to work for you is no longer working, but you’re not sure what to do instead

rarely winning appeals and so have stopped sending them because you just don’t have the time to write the reports to overthrow the denials

having to re-train staff on billing procedures each time someone leaves your practice

We are the perfect billing solution for you if…

You want to know when the rules are changing so that you can plan accordingly and stop losing money on erroneously denied claims

You wish you could have an efficient insurance department that paid for itself – rather than a pile of paper

You want your insurance billing to be efficient, profitable and compliant

You’re looking for resources and guidance in making good, sound billing decisions.

You need consistent and systematic follow-up on all partially and erroneously denied claims.

You want assistance in appealing and actually winning denied and audited claims.

You’re looking for a billing service that can seamlessly integrate with your Chirotouch software or any other EHR/EMR software that you utilize.

We have helped hundreds of chiropractors just like you to reignite their inspiration and to continue serving their patients by rebuilding a profitable and sustainable practice through ethical and compliant billing practices. We look forward to helping you too.

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